BBC Now Advertising the NWO One World Digital Currency of Bitcoin !



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  1. Hi cips clips

    I was very impressed when you talked about Sky News reporting on imitation hoverboards catching on fire in order to persuade viewers to buy a certain model hoverboard. You're a very sharp and intelligent man. Sky News is controlled by Freemasonry, as is the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC).

    Here is my humble website which addresses the subject of Freemasonry:

    My website needs work and development. I do mention the Rothschilds at various points but it needs work.

    Thanks a lot for putting out good information.

    If you want to improve your channel, you can do the following:

    > Don't bewilder viewers with your high-pitched chant at the beginning.

    > Don't use the word "fuck", which stands for "for unlawful carnal knowledge and which indicates allegiance wittingly or unwittingly to Baal, the false god of sexual immorality. Many people will be turned off by you swearing who would otherwise subscribe to your channel. I know that it's frustrating dissecting this conspiracy and the temptation always exists to lash out in anger but you'll be much better off if you don't.

    Thanks again. You're making an important contribution.

    God bless you in the name of Jesus Christ.

  2. First they came and said, give us you gold and silver and copper, and we will give you paper the says "I promise" on it. Then they said give us you paper and we will give you a plastic card that represents all you wealth and transactions. Then they said give us you plastic and we will give you a true digital currency. It is merely the idea of money with no form or substance or value. Indeed, a fart has more substance than the mythical ghost in the wind that is bitcoin. Wait a minute??? From gold to imagination in a few short years. How lucky we are.

  3. The only thing that can be hacked is the user's computer. It's up to them how secure they want to be. The technology Bitcoin is built on is secure though… That is unless the NSA has a backdoor into the best encryption in existence. If that were possible, nothing at all would be secure. Nothing.

  4. hey buddy, can you spare a bit of ? lol bitcoin machines and millions in bitshit have already been stolen in edmonton alberta , 8 months ago. lol max and stacey are crooks, they will never buy ya lunch

  5. I would suggest that the same people make both boards mate. They marked the hazardous ones through the black mkt and cheap stores then hit it with a licencing legislation and kite mark crap, and release the "new improved and approved version" at a "Moderately" higher cost, for a much higher quality you understand. lol.

  6. Cip can you find out who else other than this crooked little cretin Nadhim Zahawi, who in the UK political spectrum is actually buying oil from, and is profiting from ISIS? That badly needs exposing to the people.