Bitcoin $1000! Bitcoin to REPLACE U.S. DOLLAR? – BrotherJohnF



*Bitcoin Hits ,000! (0:49)
*Is Bitcoin a Bubble? (2:08)
*Will Bitcoin Replace the U.S. Dollar? (7:54)
*Ben Bernanke Likes Bitcoin? (10:09)
— Bernanke’s letter to the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee (page 11):
*Silver Below , What Now? (13:36)
*Gold & Silver to Rise Like Bitcoin (16:33)

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  1. They're wrong. You can short Bitcoins! I think that's why some Bitcoin exchanges get "hacked" because they've gone short their customers funds and cannot replace them. If you don't own the private keys to the wallet you don't really own the Bitcoins. Like gold, if it's stored by a 3rd party you don't own it, you're just a creditor!

  2. Bitcoin is far more than just a digital money. If you own Bitcoin, it is like you are investing in e-mails, Google, Internet itself, payment systems like Visa, MasterCard, Discover, etc! Credit cards are developed during the 1950s during the Mad Men era US! Not a payment system appropriate for our digital age! Bitcoin can eliminate almost all the financial and legal middlemen!

  3. In Back to the Future 2 in 2015 Doc gives Marty a 50, but not a smart phone with bitcoins even though he said he needs to be prepared for all monetary possibilities.  Therefore, because of how accurate that movie was, bitcoin will never catch on. 

  4. If a currency, either paper or digital is not backed by a physical commodity, it is not money, ergo the FRN and Bitcoin are both fiat currencies. When the Bitcoiners get burned, they will all head for the exits as they are doing now. Historically, it will be the Ponzi scheme of the Millennial generation just as we Baby Boomer got burned in 2000 with the collapse of NASDAQ stocks.

  5. Intrinsic value comes from fundamentals. Gold has intrinsic value from its practical fundamentals. It being physical does not justify its current value, but its uses and property's do. Same with bitcoin, it gains "intrinsic" value from its practical fundamentals, frictionless payment transactions, no gov to mess things up, public ledger, on and on. Buy bitcoin before you can't afford it.

  6. Contrary to the recent hype, we hold that Bitcoin is not money but rather a new way of employing existent money in transactions. The fact that the price of bitcoins has jumped massively lately implies that people assign a high value for the services it offers and nothing more.

  7. Ponzi, the greed and no intrinsic value and crazy justifications for value is totally indicative of a ponzi.  I didn't think tulip valuations could happen in this day and age of information in the internet.  Sadly the internet and false information gives way to this type of thing happening.  Also, the establishment and corrupt system is actually sponsoring bitcoin, because it is not a threat to the system and when it is it can easily be shut down.  It also takes pressure off the value of attaining physical metal or tangible and intrinsic value that definitely is not in a bubble.

  8. Some Jap created BC?  Bullshit!!!!  The Elite Mafia created it.  When the Japs bought up America in the 80’s THEY gave em a Horse Fnuckin so bad they’re still wearing diapers..  Now the Chinks are buying up BC like crazy and they’ll get tied down and mounted over and over again until they’re sphincter falls out.
    Brother John F, FU and the horse ya rode in on!!!!!

  9. Brother John F. I've been following you ever since I started mining in first part of 2011… Your words were inspirational. I'm glad Bitcoin has gone up and will be going up for some time. We proved the doubters wrong!

  10. #1 reason Bit Coin is going from $300 to $1,250 and beyond is because the Chinese government is promoting this by state television ads as an acceptable form of future currency and investment.  China does not allow its citizens a lot of investment options.  The #1 Chinese Bit Coin exchange just supper seeded MTGox Exchange as the largest Bit Coin exchange.
    I have lot's of gold and silver and I'm waiting for that to take off too.  I'm really glad I got some Bit Coins only 11 weeks ago and now I'm trying to sell 1 coin and withdraw funds just so I can make sure I can navigate the entire process.