Bitcoin Basics (Part 5) – “How to Make Money Trading Bitcoin”



Register for my live Bitcoin trading webinar here – In this video I’m going to talk about my favorite subject – how to make money trading Bitcoin….


  1. Chris, Great Bitcoin videos! I’m considering buying 2-3 Bitcoin on a
    monthly basis to hoard. I would like to buy with credit card and cold store
    on flash drive. Do you think this would be good investment…if so where
    should I start?

  2. Wife and I are thinking of getting in on the bitcoin market and hoarding
    for a bit. Just to watch the markets. Watched the vids you provided and I’m
    a total believer in shorting as I do that in whatever small investments I
    make in things. Even in material trade/selling goods. Love the videos 

  3. Hey Chris, I have been receiving an email everyday with some amounts of
    Bitcoins and Litecoins and other coins for free.This all begain a few
    months ago when i clicked on an email a free a mine sent me. There is a
    Qoin sight have you ever heard of it? This is where I signed up to be a
    beta tester and receive free bitcoins everyday for free. But after
    listening and watching your videos I don’t know what to think.When an email
    is sent to me it says that I am receiving coins into six of my accounts
    that includes bitcoin , and other accounts also.

  4. How could anyone dislike this video? It’s an amazing introduction for
    newbs. That single quote “when people are greedy be scared, and when people
    are scared by greedy” is pure gold to me.

  5. Hello Chris. I have a business here in the United States and am wanting to
    place BitCoin as an option for clients to pay by using BitCoin. We want to
    be the first Resort Company to except BitCoin as a currency. We also except
    credit cards and USD. Can you help me.

  6. i like how you told us a little about yourself and your wife, you guys
    sound cool as hell ! 🙂 “…i love scuba diving in Thailand, and Australia,
    and Cental America, and um, ANYWAY lets move on lol