Bitcoin Bitmain S7 Antminer Mining Farm Electrical Setup 208 or 115?



I am in the process of converting over from 115 single phase to 208 single phase but what are the advantages other than the PSU’s are cheaper and the miners run more efficiently. Do I lose amperage or gain amperage? Is there an electrician out there that can explain the advantages to going 208?


  1. Do you understand how to calculate Wattage? Watts = Voltage x Amps(current). So the 208v with 5.7A comes close to the 1293 Watts used by each S7. I'm not positive if you add the current from each line to come up with total of 11-12 amps. Have you tried putting that amp meter on a 208v cord off the plug compared it to 115v plug cord? I'll need to dig up an old physics book.

  2. Hi, I think 240/208v is best as it puts less strain on your wiring, less amps.
    Glade to see your psu are in the right location, the 120 mm fan works as an air intake. the hot air comes out the back,
    where this power cable is connected.
    The bitmain psu are very good and alot quieter than you would expect from a psu that looks like a server power supply.
    Also try putting your miners on the lower shelf the miners on the top shelf could be running 2 degrees hotter.
    I would also recommend buying a small air compressor to blow the miners out once every 2 months. Due to dust build up
    if one miner is running hotter than the other for no obvious reason it could due to dust build up.
    Also look out for HW errors this should be less than 0.05 in your miner status or 0.00 if possible.
    I'm currently running 16 miners, a mixture of s5 and s3 but have ordered some s7's.

  3. Moving down the chain. The PSU that needs to deliver 50Watts of power will draw 100W at the wall if its only rated at 50% effi. Efficiency will be how much power is sent to your devices divided by how much power is drawn at the wall.

  4. Hi I have a question, so do you use 2 switches to connect all your miners? Do you manage it all from 1 laptop/PC? do you connect this one in the router or in the switch? Does it make a difference?

  5. 208 or 120? Heat and dust is the death of equipment, and to much heat is dangerous.You will get less heat in the panel, conduit and possiblily the PS. The higher voltage delivery will bring efficiency by reducing the amount of heat that is created on delivery and work.Maybe not the metric you wanted to use, as in how much KwH rate am I going to save. You have to look at the other side.How many fans and holes in the roof will I not need as I grow!I think you are set in regards to juice to your farm.Good analogy..I don't care how big of an AC you have, if you keep your windows open during the summer with the AC on, don't call the HVAC people, call a DR!

  6. and for anyone else that is willing to help i have another question

    i currently have a plan for the near future and would like to get a recommendation.

    Lets say i purchase 50 s 7 .

    i will be mining 1 bitcoin per day at the current difficulty .

    that means i will be producing 365 bitcoins a year .

    the value of the bitcoin can either go up or down during that year .

    also the difficulty is raising FAST and very fast
    which means less bitcoins a day for a 50 s 7 rig correct ?

    please correct me if i am wrong with certain things or what do you recommend should i do that investment on the rig will it payout , if the value goes up and the difficulty is rising

    thank you in advance

  7. Hello how are you sir i have been looking at this topic for years now and i truly regret not starting 4 years ago but anyways we are with the same interest today , i have a commercial area where is for office space and electricity is FREE. I can talk to the landowner and see if they can lease me a full floor just for mining. now i have a couple of questions please if you can contact me privately if would be of great help as i understand the basics but not the mathematical part which i learn quick . Thank you in advance

  8. Welp, here's a question for you. I'm building a new house this coming summer and I want to start a mining operation in the unfinished basement that it will have. My plan is to eventually set up an operation that houses 30 s7's, but I will start off with 10. What do I need to ask my power company/contractor to make sure that I can run 30 of these? For instance, should I tell my builder that I want to run 30 machines in my basement that each need a 240v plug-in, and that's it? Do I need to mention power draw or anything like that? Do I need to mention 3-phase, for instance? I have 0 electrical experience and I don't want to find out after everything is built that I can't do anything that I've planned.

  9. It cuts your amp down by roughly half and has more then enough juice to run to its full potential compared to the 110. Check out my video of my 10 S7'S running on 240 volts with server style psu and edu's


  10. Hi there. I have been doing a lot of searching for the best warehouse to lease out here and it all depends on the electrical service. Basically I have been avoiding 100Amp 3 phase because it wouldn't be enough for our use. What it comes down to is, when you use 208 or 240 is that the current draw is lowered due to the relationship Power = Voltage x Current. Your miner's load/power consumption is (for simplicity) 1300 watts. To maintain that using the above equation you can increase voltage and lower current or the opposite. It's far more efficient and less energy loss due to heat loss to increase voltage and reduce current.
    Now when you are talking 3 phase the equation changes because you have three legs/phases. The equation is VA/watts/Power = (V * I * 1.732) the 1.732 is a factor for each leg. Using 208V and 100Amp (which is fixed by your electrical service), you get a maximum of 36,025 watts dividing by 1300w per Miner, you can plug in 27 miners (theoretically).