Bitcoin Block Reward Halving = Upcoming Price Increase! – Trace Mayer Interview



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02:50 Current Bitcoin Market Prices
03:50 Businesses Soon to Pay Out in Bitcoins
05:00 Bitcoin Price Floors
08:40 Now Compared to ,000 Price in Late 2013, More Transaction Demand
12:20 Limitations of Current Fiat System
13:50 Blocksize Debate Coming to an Agreement?
18:10 Miners Agreement to Increase Transaction Capacity of Blockchain
19:30 Block Reward Halving to Increase Price
23:10 Is Bitcoin Price Manipulation Possible?
28:00 Are Central Banks Desperate to Maintain Status Quo?
32:00 Banning Cash & Negative Interest Rates in Future
33:30 Trace’s Advice for the Future, War on Cash, Price Controls

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  1. What most people dont know, is that in the last 2 years,there is a MLM Scheme called MMM Global that has been single handedly driving up the price of Bitcoin to its current value,This scheme has crashed 2 days ago,Bitcoin will now drop drastically to the value it was before this scheme was utilizing Bitcoin.

  2. "Bitcoin's just chugging along." What a joke to suggest there aren't any problems. A recent transaction of mine took over 2 hours to get one confirmation and 6 hours to get 6 confirmations. Core is still a year away from scaling bitcoin. This is a problem.

  3. Bitcoin is a currency system with a built-in positive feedback loop that drives the price higher and higher. You could view it as a mathematically sealed financial system, currency, or maybe even a financial virus.

    Whatever you call it, that's largely irrelevant. Let me share some predictions.

    First: the price of bitcoin will go higher from where it is today.

    Second: It won't go to zero.

    Third: sometime in the not too distant future, bitcoin will be the price.

    Why? SHA256 and RIPEMD160, energy and work to harden the security of the system, and rewards to those providing security in the form of the digital currency that the system uses as its unique, sealed data. The developers working on the protocol are not a vulnerability. This isn't PGP, it's a living, growing economy, and there's no clear way to thwart or control it. And, friends, that's a good thing.

    I've learned a hard lesson the hardest way trying to convince luddites to invest or believe in the idea. Here's what I've learned, it's also a quote from bitcoin's inventor:

    "If you don't believe me or don't get it, I don't have time to try to convince you, sorry."

    Take that with as many grains of salt as you wish :).

  4. I listen to Crush The Street often because there's some great content. But every now and then there is a truly exceptional interview and this happens to be one. Thanks guys, and thanks Trace.

  5. The problem with Trace Mayor's highly insulting comments are, they were not an argument. Notice that how there is no debate, it's his way and if you don't agree you are just loud and wrong? It is my opinion that the lighting network is a cool idea but will relegate bitcoin to large transaction back end network. Also it will create a level of complexity that resembles the wire transfer system of today. With that said I have to point out you can have a great developer who can make complex cool things that no one can use, and you can have developers that can design less complex cool things that everyone can use. Change the block size is a 10 second coding change that has ZERO impact on the system as miners could effectively refuse to increase the block size manually. That's an example of a simple solution compared to a overly complex side chain like the lighting network that's really a cool idea but not necessary to allow bitcoin to grow its transaction size.

    At first I was sad about the lighting network solution, however this is part of the free market, there are good people working in all our best interest, crooks who work to rob you, and people who are working in their own best interest even if it's against yours. I may be wrong but I believe that Trace is one of the latter people when it comes to the block size debate. However in the free market bad things happen both with good and bad intentions.

    I have to say Trace Mayor seem like a respected dude to me, thus I find it shocking and in disbelief that he would lie about bitcoin not having problems? As a lawyer maybe he is talking about right here and now to cover his ass however, there have been at least 2 times when my transactions would not be processed for many hours because the blocks where full. Also others have complained here on Youtube and Redit.

    Finally users of bitcoin have the final vote on bitcoin not central bankers with PHDs (I mean developers with PHDs) and I would like thank the host for cutting Trace Mayor off from continuing to insult people.


  6. I just am on the fence still about Bitcoin. It's an interesting concept, but I am just not sure about owning something I cant touch. I sometimes imagine all the stocks that I own could still get confiscated by Big Brother and I have no physical certificate even saying I own it. But I physically can touch my gold, silver, ammo and food.