Bitcoin to Money Equals E=Mc2 to Physics: Christmas Special With Russell Brand



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Keiser and Stacy Herbert visit Russell Brand at his Trews set in East London for a double header of Christmas cheer. The three discuss the big themes of 2014 and what to look forward to in 2015. They look at successful activist campaigns and not yet successful campaigns – but at the end of the day, the people have the power as the New Era Estate kicking Westbrook Partners out of London. They talk cryptocurrencies, crowdfunding and media distractions. And they wish you all a very Merry Christmas!

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  1. Crypto currencies get there value from an out side source eg the national currency. So all you bit bugs and gold bugs are full of it. Also the great depression of the 30's and all the recessions before the 30's and after til 71 were all on a gold standard but you conveniently like to forget this when preaching about the gold standard. Right numb nuts answer me this how does any finite resource control an infinite monetary system that is forever growing by design. With the use of interest by anyone on any scale not just the banks makes our monetary system infinite and exponential (just means it has to perpetually grow). For bit coin to work while still having interest controlling money you would be in a constant state of deflation as each bit coin would need to buy more and more goods in a growing economy.

  2. Who's the LARGEST GLOBAL CONSUMER ….. I looked it up and there's NOTHING … Obviously I already know but I wanted to see if someone is actually telling the truth …. I'M NOT TALKING ABOUT OIL … The Commercial Media Controls Consumer Spending …  you can determine What countries buy the most JUNK … Television is a Powerful Tool find the consumer rating by RETAILERS … You would need a Large Database WITH DATA INTEGRITY (Companies Like to Cook the Books and they're Still TAX FREE sending jobs into slavery so that means country leaderships are behind it)  to create a Report like that and have FREE and EASY Access to it … BASICALLY I'M FOLLOWING THE MONEY … We know where its stored but who's spending it and on what and HOW MUCH OF IT

  3. The guy goes against the establishment. Goes in the crowds with people to support them. Supports the activists, made a youtube page to tell the truth on things and because he wears something ( which he wears anything and everything basically ) you completely ignore all his work and focus on that and claim he is something that he is not?

    Some of you people need a drop kick to the face. 

  4. Bitcoins is not a solution at all, and those who can think will see the flaw in it. It's a new way to commodify a limited supply of money which breakdowns due to the commodity aspect to it among many other problems.

  5. There are problems with bitcoin though. It is highly unstable as a currency it has gone from below £10 to £100's of pounds per bitcoin and dropped lots again recently, I wouldn't want my wages paid in bitcoin, I couldn't plan a future with it. Also the way that bitcoins are generated and mined is not at all eco friendly, a "mining rig" computer will have a bank of graphics cards working flat out on increasingly difficult maths equations, which as they are solved, (in Laymans terms) release bitcoins. These tasks the computer is doing are in effect pointless, the are just a way of "earning" coins and don't have real world uses. I would like to see a crypto currency that is eco friendly and that the way money is generated has some wider point to it.