Bitcoin Exchange CEO Arrested on Drug Money Laundering Charges



The CEO of one of the world’s leading bitcoin exchanges – BitInstant – has been arrested in New York. The prosecution claims Charlie Shrem was involved in a drug money laundering scheme via the Silk Road website. READ MORE:


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  1. THE FEDERAL RESERVE IS REALLY PISSED!  Asswipes! Exchanges are NOT responsible for others do!  Arrest Silk Road if they break law but how the heck can they hold this guy responsible for their actions!  THE FEDERAL RESERVE IS REALLY PISSED!

  2. The FBI and the CIA both know first hand and allow money laundering through HSBC.
    This dude is charged with at best third hand knowledge.
    The corrupt Nazi American government at work again.
    Now you know the the leader of the drug cartel is the Ameriscam government as they remove any competitor, real or imaginary. 

  3. Sounds like the banks don't like this very much and maybe they want to shut it down because they are losing money. Just because out "government" says that the Bit coin money is used for drugs and can't be traced that we believe that's really why THEY….. The government don't like this or maybe the government got a healthy deposit from the world Bank to shut Bit coin down? 

  4. They can't go back and remove the coin transactions from the block chain is what Max Keiser says frequently. Max is pretty on the ball about most of this and he did invent the Hollywood Stock Exchange which then was turned into a virtualized model for markets used today. If you can't get rid of the block chain record then all someone needs to do is have one of the numbers and trace the path.

    Name ONE single non-white country who’s people are at risk of becoming a minority.
    You can’t, there are none.
    Name ONE single white country who’s people AREN’T at risk of becoming a minority.
    You can’t, there are none.
    That’s because there is a program of white geNOcide.
    They say it’s “anti-racist”, but it’s simply anti-white.
    Anti-Racist is a code for Anti-White.

  6. if anyone was smart they would realize bit coin is good last year and every day it becomes less important.
    if everyone right now started mining bitcoins in less than a year bitcoins would  hyperinflation.
    the maker used math and statistics in the creation and explanation of bitcoin.
    it can hyperinflate by having human involvement greater than expectation, nothing stops this from happening.
    also when or if people start using lots of bitcoins the companies giving you bitcoins or taking them for money paid to you, will start charging you a fee.
    don't bs me I know the public takes it up the butt then asks for more when under a cover alone start crying why me.(wait they do that in forums when bitching about anything making their ass itch) but im not that dense.

  7. to all zeitgeist viewers, remember the Amero that was mentioned in the documentary!! well here it is but in its commercial name. welcome to the new world order, we are few years away of the big change.

  8. Why are they not out catching the real criminals in the government and the banks that are running the drug trade? Going after currency people does no one any good and we know it's bullshit.

  9. Lets not forget what currency funded 2 WORLD WARS, 1 Vietnam War, 1 Iraq War, 1 Afghanistan War and many more proxy wars in Middle East, many drug wars, child slave labor, organized crime, countless genocides between African tribes, war crimes and crimes against humanity.
    If you haven't guessed, no, its not bit fucking coin, is the DOLLAR, thats right. Worldwide genocide, brought to you by the DOLLAR.