BITCOIN: The Future of Money?



In today’s video, Christopher Greene of AMTV explains Bitcoin and the future of money.




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  1. Bitcoin is the future model, but it will be heavily regulated by the bankers and Government in the future. This will mean eventually all the people will need to come up with a new currency to break free of it, but there are already dozen alternatives to it.

    Remember Governments always create alternative pathways to get away with illegal activity, and this involves a currency, which cannot be traced via regular activities to ensure a method to exchange money without legal persecution involved with regular currencies. One thing I can tell you is future currencies will be electronic, but they it will not be cyrptocurrencies,as these give people too much freedom.

  2. I know this video is old so you've had more time to see how this plays out. Just thought id troll anyway. When i watch a video questioning the possibility that bitcoin is a conspiracy they always miss the key point that bitcoin is decentralized which puts it 100% at the whims of the market. Also, it's open source. This means that anyone who can read code can look at bitcoin and scrutinize it. Lastly, if the government or the fed attemped to capture and control the bitcoin ecosystem the market would move to a different cryptocurrency. So you're overall thesis is correct cryptos are here to stay and represent the first real source of competition to government fiat. They will eventually need to figure that out. Its is going to be historic watching this shake out!

  3. Where has this channel been hiding? I have surfed the web, found the usual B.S. ….Never have I've I heard young people so spot on. It does give me hope for this once GREAT COUNTRY and the citizens of America! Before the Fed took over the ownership of each one of us, before the builderbergs, before Bohemian Grove, before the take over by free Freemasonries… Illuminati…. 1660 when my family arrived here. It was intended to be a free land where a person could pursue religious freedom and the pursuit of happiness. PERIOD!!! Second Amendment rights or Revolution…. Screw the unpatriotic act….PERIOD… Thanks for your hard work, it shows and I'll be ordering from your sponsor…..

  4. the reason we should trust bitcoin is because many  people have verified it is honest and rare money by inspecting it's OPEN SOURCE code. To suggest it is a tool of the NWO is without merit as no evidence suggests that.Why would central banksters who rule the world introduce to the world the very thing that threatens their existence more than anything…The only thing anyone can do to control bitcoin is buy or sell it and before they sell it they have to buy it which will continue to make the price go up and up.Sure they can pump and dump but if you look at any longterm bitcoin chart you can see that bitcoin simply rebounds and makes new highs every time.The age of cryptocurrencies is here and bitcoin is the facebook of cryptocurrencies the one and only orginal one. It's not going anywhere. It has too many freedom lovers working to keep it strong.

  5. Think bitcoin is to be used with your rfid chip under obama care in a few years … u wont be able to eat get medical care , shop , travel nothing if they turned your chip off…. think about that , if u seem to be a threat they wil be able to starve you and your family out 

  6. In 3-5 years time you'll need a raid stack to run a full client, which hosts the entire blockchain. In 5-10 years time you'll need a whole cabinet of RAID to have space for the blockchain.  As the blockchain gets bigger, the percentage of full bitcoin clients will go down.  BitCoin will never scale to visa/mastercard's transaction volume.

  7. I understand bitcoin algorithm and I've bought my bitcoins two years ago. And I can say that it's kinda sad that algorithm is not that simple, because, if you understand it – it is clearly sound money. System can't be cheated, you can't just print bitcoin like you can print dollars, you can be completely anonymous with little effort and send money to the other and of the world at fraction of a cost.

    Who cares if federal reserve invested in bitcoin? Who cares if federal reserve buys them all? The idea escaped, the gene is out of the bottle. Let's say federal reserve buys 99% of bitcoin. So what? People with 1% (210,000 thousand if all bitcoins are mined) can still operate with the rest of bitcoins. One bitcoin is divisible up to 8 decimal points.

    Government buys the rest of the 1%? So what? You can jump to another cryptocurrency, like litecoin. Government buys that too? So what? You either jump to another crypto currency or change couple constants in bitcoin code to make your own.

    There's nothing big guys can do to you know. The idea is here. And I'd jump on the train if I didn't want to lose out. Remember, you don't have to put every dollar you have. I've put 50 bucks in it 2 years ago, now it's worth 700 bucks. You decide.

  8. So much FUD and conspiracy. 

    If it's too hard to wrap your head around a concept of 2+2=4, it's really not the math's problem. Nobody owes you to reveal a person, that came up with this concept. Learn some coding. If you can't read code, that's called illiteracy, not global conspiracy.

    It does not matter, if Satoshi is gov or not. Go read the source code. Check it for yourself. If you agree with it – compile it and use it. If you don't agree – edit it to your own likeness, create new crypto and point to errorsleaks in bitcoin, convincing people to hop on your train. If you don't belive in you hardware – good news is, we will be able to 3d-print our own very soon. So the time of NSA-spying hardware is almost over.

  9. Chris aren't you the same guy who tells us watch out for things like the rdf chips and the nwo? Well now your endorsing this bit coin thing and to me it sounds like and perfect fit for a one world currency and a way for the nsa to track every dime and for the gov to attach rdf chips to.. am I the only one who sees this as the beginning of the end as in Genesis 

  10. You missed one important thing: Bitcoin is open source. Anyone who has skills in programming and cryptography can look at the code and see if there are any back doors that lead to other organizations. If there were any flaws in the integrity of the code, the programmers and cryptographers of the world wouldn't be using and endorsing this technology like they are today.

    Chris, you didn't make one mention of the open source nature of bitcoin. It's a very important subject. The reason tech savvy folks like myself and many people I know love bitcoin so much and trust it is because they've reviewed the code and can vouch for it's security. There is no part of bitcoin that's involved with the "NWO" or any other government. It also isn't that complicated once you really get down to the way it works. It's math. That's all it is. Simple mathematics and science that anyone else can test and verify. Few things are more transparent and elegant than the bitcoin protocol. Now, if you knew this information but still decided to NOT include it in this video then you, sir, are the dis-info agent. Do better research next time before scaring people away from a good thing.