The Bitcoin Group #18 (Live) – Mt. Gox (Part III) – Bitcoin ATMs – Paypal – Lawsky Winkdex Pandacoin



Featuring….. Andreas Antonopoulos (, Kristov Atlas (, Chris J (, M.K. Lords ( and Thomas Hunt (


Issue 1 – Gox Gox Gox Gox and more Gox.

Issue 2 – Week of Bitcoin ATMs

Issue 3 – PayPal wants to be your digital wallet

Issue 4 –




then Questions and Answers from the Audience!

and Predictions!

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  1. Mark is working for the bankers now. Maybe he has ALWAYS been working for the bankers and their friends in the U.S. government. He is no different than good ole boy, John Corzine. In any case, he has been VERY successful in sabotaging the entire market.

  2. I dont understand why you dont talk at all about gridcoin. The 1st coin that utilizes computing power for boinc scientific research. At least the mining energy will not be a complete waste…

  3. I think you guys are going too easy on PayPal – I'm pretty sure the CEO Donahoe is just talking the talk and being a politician.  I doubt they will every incorporate BitCoin or any other Decentralized Crypto and will rather try to hype up some BS Centralized Paypal version of a cryptocoin.

  4. Chris is right about an outside auditor being needed at Gox.  Having operated an exchange myself, I am certain he needs an independent impartial agency to examine their "best practices", interview staff, review internal controls, look through their bank financials, and analyse their trades.  This would not be an ordinary outside agency required – due to the technical complexity of analysis.  Gox can never recover without a true accounting, if that is even possible at this point.

  5. Nice work Andreas!

    In all seriousness you guys are all great and I really love every one of your videos. 

    On a side note if you guys could take a second and help me out with a question I have. Assuming my computer has a keylogger on it, is there any way currently that I can buy and safely store bitcoins without meeting up with "a random kind person in the btc network" and handing them cash in exchange for btc? 

    Thanks guys, keep up the great work!!

    p.s. I would also be interested on hearing your take on what seems to be an increasingly more centralized network of people profitably mining bitcoins (the people at the forefront of the asic market) and do you think this could in any way become a threat for the future of bitcoin?  Not just (but also including) from the perspective of 51% attacks etc which I have seen you cover previously but also in the adoption (or lack there of) as bitcoin as the predominant crypto currency. 

  6. Andreas is saying at @01:18:50 that if banks wish to incorporate bitcoin and CryptoCurrency technologies into their systems, then the banks will have their own sets of regulations they must wade through … PLUS … the new sets of regulations put upon bitcoin, meanwhile, the pure CryptoCurrency exchanges, and you, a wallet owner, will not have that additional layer of "traditional banking regulation" to work through, in other words, pure CryptoCurrency is much faster by itself than TraditionalBanking(Layer_CryptoCurrency), therefore, the banks cannot complete by regulating bitcoin, they will in effect regulate bitcoin so that they cannot use if efficiently, while the NEW CryptoCurrency model is not burdened by the traditional banking model's regulations upon themselves. I agree.

  7. A GUI, so that more and more users, can write their multi-sig transactions, with drop down list choices for contracts and agreements that are the most common, and with the ability to save templates, etc … this is GOLD for some developer. I could code ALL of that in say … 3,458 years, so … you BETTER HURRY!

  8. As Kristov Atlas says at @47:26,"If he became – [Lawsky] – some great defender of bitcoin he would simply be fired or assassinated, or whatever, and replaced by some, some other henchman." 

    Kristov has very good insight, he understands the brutality of the "banker system". I believe that Lawsky knows with certainty that if he fails to regulate bitcoin out of existence, he will feel the ultimate wrath of the bankers, because Lawsky knows TOO MUCH, and he is now and will be only a liability for the bankers no matter what. Lawsky, unfortunately, is a marked man, and is indeed "unmade", and Lawsky knows that we know this. And the bankers know that we know, etc …

  9. Ultimately, Pandacoin has served, and is serving, and will continue to serve as a vector to further encourage miners to download the "Adaptive N factor" mining software, the fork of cgminer, (Vertminer). So Vertcoin was the first to be released where any GPU mining required miners to use a fork of cgminer, (Vertminer), to download that and then configure and hack the proper settings for their GPU or GPU mining rigs using Vertminer. This was well received, we saw a hashing power, (equivalent hardware resources), equal to about 7 GH/s generated using vertminer, ( the cgminer fork that will only mine an Adaptive N factor scrypt coin). And Vertminer total network hash is increasing, (total network hash because of the use of Vertminer). Pandacoin's release encouraged enough miners, (mining hardware operators), to point double the amount hardware at the only two Adaptive N factor Scrypt algo coins that was previously hashing only Vertcoin. Interestingly, any miner who switches from mining a traditional, or Scrypt version 01 coin, and then begins to mine Vertcoin or Pandacoin using Vertminer, that represents a reduction in the mining hash for traditional Scrypt coins of 2X, as one only realizes 1/2 the mining hash when using Vertminer that one generates when using cgminer. The rabbit is bigger, the hole is deeper than it seems when the grass is more Vert on the other side.

  10. Bitcoin is amazing, I wish i had more than .01 but unfortunately I am poor lol.  I do have some earthcoins and would trade a few thousand for a small amount of btc also on that note anyone who do not have the computing power for sha-256 should jump into earthcoin mining, leave a post if you need help getting started!

    — Chris

  11. Thomas, PLEASE invite Andreas to your place next week for the show where you have a stable solid high bandwidth connection. It sounded too Mickey Mouse-ish from the tin can latent mesh network Andreas was using….sigh…

  12. THIS SHOW IS INCREDIBLE!!!! I'll say it again… INCREDIBLE.  Awesome panels every time! Significant, serious debate!  In depth analysis of important Bitcoin events!  Andreas Antonopoulos!  Great humour and many real laugh-out-loud moments, usually thanks to our incredible host, Tom!  Every single panelist adds their own unique flavour and in almost every episode each panelist makes a REAL contribution.  I can't fault it at all.. The balance is perfect. Thankyou Mad Bitcoins and The Bitcoin Group, for all your work.