Bitcoin Jesus Banned From the U.S and Vigilante Anonymous Network



In this video Luke Rudkowski talks to the bitcoin, Jesus Roger Ver about his latest bitcoin accountability project and his issues trying to enter the U.S.

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  1. BitCoin-Jesus™ – LMAO! The only time Jesus turned into an aggressive beast was when he used the Cat o' nine tails against the money-lenders. 

    Just more, even bigger lies. Responsibility – everyone for his/her actions – without exception, without excuses. Soon everyone will know, just to spice up this rigged game a bit (without coins ^^).

  2. They could make bitcoin illegal just as they can make anything illegal, all it would take is a few false arrests of people who are using bitcoin to launder money or sell drugs, fund terrorism, etc.

    There is a REASON theyr'e not going after bitcoin with a vengance, as they should (any money that's not THEIR money is dangerous). They don't want people using it, true, but at the same time, as some of you may know, they have the same idea in mind for the future, using government decreed currency. Think "RFID wallet". Eventually they want to digitize all currencies, otherwise they would be blowing bitcoin out of the fucking water like no tomorrow and putting people who use it in jail.

    As those of us who are in the know, KNOW, the US federal government can do anything it wants to do, with the exception maybe of starting an all out war with certain nations.. but attacking bitcoin users would take next to no resources for them to accomplish and defeat, if they really wanted to.

    They're letting it slide past ONLY because it will serve as a useful purpose in justifying/ introducing and promoting a fully digital currency to the poor proles (the dumbass, brainwashed people who occupy the greater percentage of the first world population).

  3. This interview tells us that if you renounce your American citizenship…you may never be allowed into the USA again. The immigration officials can lie about your past and their lie can trump the truth. That means you may never see your family and friends in the USA again. They are not acting like 5 year olds…they are Luciferian Authority overlords taking control more and more until the complete beast system is in place. Who will you call on then?

    Bitcoin is suspect. It is not secure and is a big risk. One of these days…people may be forced to use it whether they like it or not.

  4. Why not Bitcoin Prophet Mohammad? That would be interesting to see what response you would get. Kind of mean, disrespectful and irreverent to show Jesus with bitcoin coming out of his wounds when many people have faith in Him for eternal life. What gives with the disrespect?

    About bitcoin, do people really believe that the NSA, FBI, CIA and any other agency will let the peasant masses do what they want? If Satoshi Nakamoto is a pseudonym for one or more persons who invented bitcoin…why do they allow the confusion? Why don't they just come forward and tell us who they are so people can get on with it if it is so great? Why all the confusion and mystery? Will it really be part of the chipping of the human race like Aaron Russo warned us and also Revelation 13?

  5. Kill all treasonous politicians you Will see them stop doing these things .they will be scared of us instead of the people scared of them. American is one stupid fucking country and I live here!

  6. I agree with klone1138. How can you not see the hypocrisy in this. You want to use the very system that is corrupted, for justice. Hmmmm. We need real change not just talk about it but put it in action. Start a new system. Because the present system wil always be in place as long as we keep using it.

  7. Great interview and insight, Luke. I had heard about Roger Ver, but never known his face or where he lived. That's too bad to hear about his visa getting revoked. Lots of good videos coming from the gatherings in Mexico, keep up the good work!

  8. stock market is a shitty idea ..that has screwed the world many times.. time to fk the monopoly capitalist game…and stick the fingers to the crony bankers…

    the poor of the world are going through stress and hope less ….
    fk this shitty world…

  9. Hopefully this accomplishes something good in the bitcoin community and actually helps to ensure financial security for investors. I could imagine it must be hard to go after some of these thieves, but considering the number of hackers on bitcoin's side, they should be enough to rise to the challenge.