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  1. Gold and silver up lol wake up ad smell the coffee. If u like to collect the metail fine its has a muti decade bull run. Its over, it mayve over for another 10 years ..Deflation n get it thats wjy they keepncutting rates

  2. That is MtGox price..and it is down to $115 as of 2-21-14. But, it has been about $550 to $650 per BTC on the other exchanges. And how many US dollars are involved in GUNS, and drug trades? Look, I love silver and gold, but having a few Bitcoins won't kill ya.

  3. OH Shitt! Realist News Crying Big Bad Wolf. I TOLD YOU SO. I TOLD YOU SO. It's not like he told you to buy LiteCoin or anything last year.
    This guy is all over the map. I can't take him seriously.

  4. Look that the other exchanges.. still at $600 BTC on others.  MtGox is having many issues with allowing people to get at there BTC and everyone is pulling out there BTC at once. its a bitcoin bankrun in a way on due to technical issues the MtGox exchange is having

  5. Come on you cant buy it for $300. It would be nice. But is it not true the government has been coming down on the bit coin exchange MT Gox so bad that they shut down. But you can still buy and sell person to person. Look, everything has a purpose Gold and silver is a great store of wealth.. But bit coin is great for small and large trades and moving around the world. 

  6. i'm so sick of this shill.  he's been here pluggin lindsey williams and gold and silver and webbot and all kinds of crazy stuff for years.  YEARS~!  he's part of the pump and dump scheme.  fact is, when all is said and done, they're going to take all physical gold and silver away from you.  so it's a huge set up.  don't fall for this guy.  he's an insider.  he tries to look like a regular guy posting all these videos.  but it's not true.  he's there to trip people up and steer them the wrong way.  be ware…  he pumps specific metal dealers.  he has ads all over all  his videos.  he's making some scratch out of this.  but he's trying to sound all joe six pack about it.  be careful people, dis info agents and their programs cover all manner of outlets.  thousands of them.  thousands…

  7. Hey fucktard, you're checkin the price of bitcoin on an exchange that's in crisis, meanwhile bitcoin's actual market value is $612, the last time bitcoin was $1000 was a month ago, and 2 weeks before that it was at $700, another 2 weeks before that it was at $1000, so your point is mute.

  8. We don't need a new name for crap money "bitcon". We already have digital currency owned by the federal reserve. Just use your debit card and you are using the same thing as bitcon. Is this really a big surprise that people are losing small fortunes in this bitcon? No; no surprise.

  9. I love that final point about all that hardware… Imagine the ecological footprint of bitcoin, which is essentially a Graphics Cards Used For Heaters Based Pyramid Scheme.

    Imagine how many US dollars went to China by people buying graphics cards hoping to mine big on crypto currencies.

    What a waste of resources!

    If somebody was really smart they'd figure out how to get all the miners with their useless rigs to turn that processing power towards molecular biology and medical research instead of fake money.