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Issue 1 — New York unveils Bitcoin license rules — As expected New York State is leading the way in Bitcoin Regulation, with the goal of creating an exchange where users could never lose their money except through trading fees and losses — but at the same time not having the rules be “so burdensome or unwieldy that the technology can’t develop.” That last part is a direct quote from SuperNintendo Lawsky. Has the NYDFS done succeeded in their goals?

Issue 2 — Bitcoin and Business — Choose your own story —

Bitcoin Business is booming at Cheap Air where they’ve sold more than .5 Million dollars in flights, hotels and even train bookings at

Not if, but when. Not now, but soon. The deck is stacked and e-commerce in general is preparing to go the full bitcoin with Japanese super giant Rakuten perhaps leading the way.

And in Lighter News, Bitcoin Search Result Fixing — Did a mining company really buy to transform a negative article? Turn a piece of shit into a piece of sexy?

Issue 3 — Vericoin Hacked — MintPal had too much Vericoin in their hot wallet and got hacked — hard. The problem is, the exchange lost more than 30% of the available Vericoin on the market and Vericoin is proof of stake. There could now very easily be a 51% attack. It was then the devs decided to fork the blockchain to return the coins to MintPal. Did the Vericoin devs do the right thing? Is Vericoin decentralized? Is this idea coming to bitcoin soon?

Issue 4 — And now Local Bitcoins — which is pretty much illegal now in New York State — oooo. low blow.

In San Francisco — Tatiana Moroz is having a Concert at the Bitcoin Meetup at 20 Mission

Bitcoin Saturday at 20Mission with special guest performance by Tatiana Moroz

Saturday, Jul 19, 2014, 7:00 PM

20Mission Coworking (Downstairs)
2415 mission st San Francisco, CA

84 Members Went

Bitcoin Saturdays will be our second event of the month! Once a month on a Saturday, we’ll host a casual social event at 20Mission Co-working.Free beer and food!!Our first Bitcoin Saturday will feature a special guest performance by Tatiana Moroz – activist, founder of the first artist coin (TatianaCoin), sales director at Bitcoin Magazine and …

Check out this Meetup →

In Chicago they’re having the Bitcoin Chicago Convention and a Free Bitcoin Beginners Workshop both mornings!

and in Thailand — Bitcoin Bangkok in meeting up Saturday July 19 at 3:00 PM

The Digital Order of the Knights Templar of Solomon

Bangkok, TH
92 Templars

“Non nobis Domine, non nobis, sed nomini tuo da gloriam” “Not unto us, O Lord, not unto us, but unto thy Name give glory” Officially endorsed by the Roman Catholic Church aro…

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also in Cleveland the North American Bitcoin Car Giveaway! is in town July 19th and 20th! Win a Brand New Kia Soul or 10,000 in Bitcoins — talk about selling your soul

Which event will you be attending? Or is there another local bitcoin meetup you’d like to mention?

then Questions and Answers from the Audience!

and Predictions!

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  1. stop hating on vericoin! just cuz you didn't have vericoin on mint pal .
    vericoin dev team saved 2 million dollars of there investors money including mine! i think they absolutely did a fantastic move! stop hating . and your show fucking sucks. annoying voices

  2. Screw NY! The bankster capitol of the unfree world! Their laws are INSIGNIFICANT! They continue to threaten the bitcoin community, the way that arabs threaten mass destruction, (empty threats) and report that they have succeeded (lies,..which they havent) Its just high time to DISOBEY their feeble threats and laws,.. the way the Anonymous group says we should

  3. Also important to note, the Dell acceptance of Bitcoin appears to come directly from CEO and founder Michael Dell. He is a huge proponent of technologies that solve human problems, and his presence in saying, "Yes, we should give people the opportunity to spend bitcoin with us," is huge nod to Bitcoin's credibility and present worth as a technology.

  4. What NY and the Fed cant see is that they have been checkmated.  For their own irresponsibility and misprision, we the people have revolted and innovated to throw their financial yoke off of us.  I expect at least one or two states to respond by passing bitcoin-friendly laws to capitalize on the crypto-economy.  The crypto community will easily work around NY's regs, and will retaliate against Wall Street, and eventually Lawsky's replacement will have to come begging and apologizing to the crypto community in order to gain access to the world's most lucrative financial ecosystem.  Coders and hackers must respond offensively to Lawsky's proposal in order to demonstrate what we can do.  That means first going after the Winkelvoss traitors.

  5. The potential regulation in New York City against creating alt-coins is especially stupid as it would prevent people from generating the next charity coin or even Devcoins. Projects would not be able to crowdfund themselves with a tradable cryptocoin. That particular regulation really fells ill thought out.