First Bitcoin Trade Was a Fail, Lessons Learned – Feb 3 Bitcoin Price Review



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First Bitcoin Trade Failure and lessons that every beginner needs to learn about trading bitcoin.

Review of Bitcoin Trade with real time trade that was a drastic failure but well worth the cost in learning tuition fees!

What really happens when you ‘Go Short’ the bitcoin market 3:50. Buying and Selling Bitcoin for Beginners.

Listen to my own comment as I realize a critical mistake about using Rule #1 in my trade: 4:22

Losers Planning 4:48 ‘IF the price does go down, I’ll make…’
Losers Planning 5:00 ‘AND, IF volume does this and that…’

Great to have a recording of the live self-talk

Rule #1 says that I’m wrong: 5:08
That’s not really my trading signal: 5:14

Two hours later – the trade went against me… remember my self talk at 4:22?

In-dept review of this bitcoin trade starts at 5:52

Important lessons learned: 7:46

The money that I’m making or losing right now is not important, following my trading plan and using rule #1 and rule #2 is the most important thing to measure

Second, you need to trade with more than the minimum of 0.01 so that you can reverse your position and apply Rule #1 if the prices do not prove you correct.

this video covers some of the staring basics to getting involved with Bitcoin Trading on the Bitfinex Exchange. Watch a recording of the live trading session and the trade analysis after my first round of trading Bitcoin.

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