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Will bitcoin get any bites in 2015? CNBC’s Worldwide Exchange has the latest on bitcoin

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After a poor performance in 2014, does bitcoin have a future in 2015? Simon Dixon, CEO and co-founder of, says it has a “lot of untapped value” and a significant way to go over the coming year.

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  2. Its funny how BTC users will demonize Gold and Silver, but when asked the question of backing, they will always use Gold as an example lol

    BTC is nothing like Gold, and Gold will still be here like thousands of years before BTC has come and gone.

  3. Decentralized/peer-to-peer/worldwide distributed systems are the way to empower the people and bypass banks and all centralized financial institutions, the path to reset the control from the few to the many, are the future for everything. The potential implications of the development of distributed consensus technologies is revolutionary. 

    We have now an open source peer to peer decentralized digital currency. It is very safe, since is cryptographically secured by a distributed global mathematical algorithm and public decentralized open source ledger, a revolutionary disruptive technology called 'Blockchain'.

    This could be the future of money for everything, from donations, micropayments, money transfers, online shopping and bill payments, etc. 

    Empowering and welcoming to the game to billions of unbanked people. And the blockchain peer-to-peer open source decentralized secure technology will be used for many more applications, like escrow, contracts, voting, global ledger, etc.

    We shouldn't be like the ones that were dismissing the internet not long ago as a "den of pedophiles, drug dealers and terrorists". The blockchain is the biggest thing since the internet and will benefit also the billions of under and unbanked people. 

    FORTUNE: “Why bitcoin is poised for big momentum in 2015”

    Bill Gates: “Bitcoin Technology is Key”

    WSJ article about FINCEN recognizing bitcoin:

    Bloomberg article about IRS legitimizing  bitcoin as property:

    PayPal now lets shops accept Bitcoin:

    BBC: "Microsoft to accept payments made in bitcoins" 

    Bitcoin goes mainstream:

    Bank Of England: Digital currencies and how do they work 

    The Federal Reserve Publishes Another Paper on Bitcoin
    World Bank Report: Bitcoin is a NOT a Ponzi Scheme

    Transfer money anywhere, safely, no fees, no middlemen, no charge-backs for merchants and no fraud. 

    These are just thousands of physical businesses accepting bitcoin:

    With tens of thousands more online:

    Some of the big companies and institutions accepting Bitcoin:

    PayPal, Microsoft, TIME Inc, DELL, VirginGalactic, CheapAir,TigerDirect, OverStock, Expedia, Newegg,Warner Brothers, Xhamster, Sacramento Kings,Uber, WordPress,Wikipedia, Mozilla, Khan Academy, EFF, United Way, Burning Man,Nas, 50 Cent,Greenpeace, Wikimedia Foundation, Zynga, Dish Network, Suntimes, Gyft,Ronald McDonald House, Intuit, 1-800-Flowers, LordandTaylor, Shopify, Foodler, Digital River, Scan, OkCupid, PointTown, Overclockers, Takeaway, Wix, Cheaperthansteam, eGifter, Etsy, King’s College, OKCupid, Mint, Pizzaforcoins, Reddit, Square,, Zappos, Menufy, DailyDealy, Dynamism, Grasscity, Save the Children, American Red Cross, Greenpeace, The Water Project, United Way, Literacy Bridge,TradingView, Spar,CeX, F64 Studio, ESPN, Fiverr, Shipito, DriveWealth, Runbox,, Golden Gate hotel and casino, porn industry, gambling industry, gaming industry,US political campaigns, etc.

    If you want to learn more:

    The 10 Best Videos to Watch to Learn About Bitcoin:


    "Not having an internet strategy in 1995 is the equivalent of not having a bitcoin strategy now.” 
    -Moe Levin

    “I’m a big fan of Bitcoin … Regulation of money supply needs to be depoliticized.”
    -Al Gore

    “Bitcoin is a technological tour de force.”
    -Bill Gates

    “Bitcoin will do to banks what email did to the postal industry.”
    -Rick Falkvinge

    “With e-currency based on cryptographic proof, without the need to trust a third party middleman, money can be secure and transactions effortless.”
    -Satoshi Nakamoto

    Bitcoin vs Wester Union:

    Historical graph: How much bitcoin a $1 dollar can buy? 

    Runaway Dollar Inflation Graph: (Source: the FED)

    How safe is bitcoin?

    Be an early adopter:

    The labels on the Adoption Curve[1] say that Innovators are the first 2.5%, and Early Adopters are the next 13.5%.
    There is no way bitcoin has reached 16% market penetration yet, so the people who say the early adopter phase is over are simply wrong. Assuming around 5 million consumer wallets represented 5 million users (they don't), and total internet users are 3 billion, we are optimistically at 1/6th of 1 percent penetration. More realistically it is 0.1%. Therefore we are still very early in the innovator phase.

    Bitcoin price perspective since creation:

    2009   +4,867% 

    2010   +387%

    2011   +1,320%

    2012   +170%

    2013   +5,317%

    2014*   – 68%    

    (*2014 being the best year for VC investments, legal clarity,startups and merchant/users adoption so far)