Cgminer Raspberry Pi – Bitcoin Mining (330MH/S) – Mining 1 Week (Rasbian “Wheezy” Debian)



Hello everyone, thanks for watching my video, this is of my raspberry pi set up.
I have had it going for about 1 week now, without any issues on the raspberry pi.

As promised I am going to post some links of what I am using:
cgminer –
Raspberry pi –
Powered Hub –
BTCGuild –

For the ASIC Miners, you can get them on BTC Guild, or look around on places like eBay. I got mine from eBay, but you should have a look around for them and see for yourself if you would rather pre order them or buy them from someone who already has them.

This is a completely silent, there a no fans or anything, so you can put it pretty much anywhere, so it is very easy to install it. It is also pretty easy to move as well, just that if you are using Ethernet you have to make sure that you are near somewhere which a cable can reach. This can be avoided by using wireless, but I do not recommend you move it constantly because you should leave it on 24/7.

Thanks a lot for watching!

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  1. Ah, got it working now, wasn't using the export thing between the ./comfigure and make. Only problem is that it's doing 0 hashing as it's not using the GPU, I've tried to install openCL drivers via synaptic, but nothing's working?

  2. There is none, cgminer -c cgminer.conf instantly gives the command next line and nothing happens. I've obviously extracted, configured, then used 'make' and 'make install'. I've put the details in the cgminer.conf file, but not sure what the issue is?

  3. I have CGminer installed on my RPi (Wheezy) but CGMiner just won't run, either using the cgminer.conf file or the pooladdress/user/password strings after the cgminer command. What am I doing wrong?