CoinDesk Bitcoin Price Index — Avalon Refunds $2.9 Million — BFL Allegedly Censors Refund Posts



September 11, 2013 — Juneau, Alaska — MadBitcoins, the other white meat. Here are Today’s MadBits: The new CoinDesk BPI (Bitcoin Price Index) shows bitcoin prices to be steady in the 0 range with a Last of 1, a High of 3 and a Low of 0.

1.) CoinDesk launches proprietary Bitcoin Price Index (BPI)

2.) Avalon Refunds .9 million in Bitcoins to ASIC Miner Customers

3.) BFL allegedly censoring posts in regards to how to get a refund.

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Bitcoin Price Chart — Coindesk Bitcoin Price Index (BPI)

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  1. Sorry but it's really simple. You don't trust a company you don't buy from it otherwise you really deserve to get screwed and live with that stupid decision you've made. Down the line should be a lesson well worth the price for most people. There's no lesson, however, if you get easy refunds and you just go on repeating stupid mistakes because there's someone there to hold your hand.

  2. It's all about trust. If you trust a company, then you'll do business with them, and won't worry about wasting your money. Bitcoin is for people who can trust. Paypal is for those who can't trust. BFL unfortunately is one of those companies who deal in bitcoin, but you can't trust them. They're just slimy sleazebags that don't care about you, making it really hard to trust them.. Which is a horrible business model, even if they're legit. Even scammers are polite and friendly..

  3. It is contradicting, but as a business, you gotta accept anything you can, and many trustworthy people out there hold true to their word. Most people are a pleasure to deal with, and PayPal is offered as a convenience,

    You just got me thinking about how BTC in a way reinforces the belief that so many people are out to deceive you when you're trading multi-thousand deals. There are, sadly, but most are proper, compassionate people.

  4. Funny you like and use Paypal's refund policy while one of Bitcoin's main selling points is no chargebacks. Don't see any contradiction there? To make final payments or not to make final payments is the question.

  5. next on BFL 600GHs minig cards (4700doller)sell your miner so fast you can and buy some btcs(in the (gold/bts minig times how gets ritch bfl)sell you bfl dustpan.And THX for the news.greetings from germany (ther is a new coin callt SexCoin) wats next Wtfcoin or ShitCoin.

  6. (Nice idea! Keep up the good work!) It seems getting a refund from BFL is a rite of passage among bitcoiners. I'd much prefer they'd shipped me a machine (and that difficulty hadn't exploded), but for now I'd be happy with a refund.

  7. I got my BFL refund via PayPal. I see I'm going to have to write a blog post suggesting exactly how to ask PayPal to refund money just so one more entry on the interwebs will be availble for people in need.