How to Do CPU Bitcoin Mining on Windows With Rpcminer



If you want a text tutorial along with the video, check it out at my website:

This is an in depth video on how to do CPU mining on Windows with rpcminer. You can also use guiminer or bitmoose or a few other programs, but I have found the CPU mining on those to be unusually difficult sometimes, rpcminer is the only one that consistently works. For GPU mining, I would suggest guiminer.

The mining pool site (where you set up an account):
The site to download rpcminer:
command to start cpu mining (has to be run in the directory where the program is): rpcminer-cpu.exe -url= -user=pascal11110.guest -password=guest -threads=4 -workrefreshms=100

Slush may complain that you are using getwork (an old method), if that is the case, download and run his proxy: then leave it running, and chage the command when running rpcminer from -url= to -url=http://localhost:8332

The client I use as my Bitcoin wallet is Bitcoin qt, which can be downloaded here:

A great chart of what to expect for speeds for a piece of hardware can be found here:

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And this one gives you small amounts for just putting in your receiving address every day:

You can also earn bitcoins by having people click on URL’s you shorten, it just takes them to an ad before it brings them to the site it was linking to, works very well:

If you are interested in understanding paper bitcoin wallets, this is a good description on reddit (some profanity):

And if you want to learn more abput bitcoin in general, I highly suggest reddit’s bitcoin subreddit:

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  1. Hey m8, looking around for a bitcoin miner that can be exicuted and run across a multitude of computers across a LAN (were talkin like 400+) and not bug TF out if something were to happen like one (or 40) of the computers happen to be off when the process is running

  2. Having the same issue as others, RPC miner starts fine, just no stats on slush's page. You didn't explain the "-statsurl=" though, is that the issue, or are we just missing something else?

  3. I can get you up and in running quickly. I will configure minerd software to mine with your cpu and all you need to do is download the file and click on the start file and you will be mining bitcoin from your cpu.  I do charge for this and payment will be in bitcoins only. contact me if your interested.

  4. Hello could someone help me whenever I try this even if I simply copy his code and only change the number of threads to 2 I get an error saying "could not retrieve work from RPC server. CURL return value: ?" What do I do