We Might Know Who Created Bitcoin



Did we find the man behind the proverbial curtain?

Newsweek article: http://mag.newsweek.com/2014/03/14/bitcoin-satoshi-nakamoto.html

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  1. I was actually quite disappointed that you of all people would fall into this paparazzi bullshit. That reporter is horrible and Newsweek is even worse for approving the article. This guy obviously wants to be left alone and this dumb ass reporter posted pictures of the guy and of his house along with information of where he lived. Also from what I've been hearing they don't even have the right guy, supposedly the real creator of Bitcoin posted on a forum that he hasn't been active for quite some time saying that they have the wrong guy. But really who the fuck cares?!?!? Knowing the identity of the creator won't change anything related to Bitcoin.

  2. I had heard about this story in a fringe sort of manner… I have been too busy to catch up on all the news of late. I sat down this evening and randomly clicked this vid due to my curiosity… I am glad I did as I appreciate your commentary and description of the story- it was succinct and didn't digress.
    Thank you.

  3. I wonder what if his whole world would come crashing down, if this Satoshi where exposed to different models of moral theory?! That his his Libertarian views measured against Trolley Problems, Survival Lotteries, Egoism, etc. 

  4. and thanks for pointing out there is a difference between actors (the possible creator, mtgox, etc) and the currency itself. cash is used to buy guns and drugs too. if you have a box of benjamins and they get stolen from you while you're walking them down the street, they are not insured. cash is quite similar to bitcoin (or other digital currencies) in many respects, but because bank deposits or other types of holdings are generally insured, and everyone accepts legal tender, its value is way more stable than a cryptocurrency.