Currency War GOES GLOBAL – Mike Maloney’s Daily News Brief



More: As a follow up to to Tuesday’s video on the ‘Well-Oiled Disaster’ that is coming, this video gives more data to show serious problems caused by a fundamentally flawed monetary system. Hang on tight.

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  1. Hi Mike, I'm a great fan of your work. I have read articles that says QE is not money printing whilst many claiming it is equivalent to printing money. Could you do a video explaining what exactly is QE (probably something similar to your video on how currency is created in fractional reserve system) and how it is/it is not equivalent to money printing? Much Appreciated!

  2. don't know why, but this briefing reminded me of the beginning fictional news briefings you used to get in the command and conquer games. scary that this sort of stuff is actually real life.

  3. Denmark ??? top 5 ????? i live here and calling this country free economically or otherwise baffles me, if Denmark is in the top 5 then the rest of the world is doing really … really … bad.

    But please come live here and pay 50 % income tax, 25% vat, some of the worlds highest property taxes, 280% car tax, between 500 and 1000% water/electricity/gas tax, have your kids forcefully placed in a government "all day school" have no say on how to build/use your own land. Be regulated in almost all aspects of your life, and risk jail for carrying a fishing knife or say "hurtful things" about minorities.

    For those few of us that actually work, the combined tax burden is +80% …. but yeah if you are on some of our +200 different welfare "drugs" i guess life seems fairly economically free.

  4. Eminent domain isn't the only way U.S. has decimated real property rights. Banksters & Loan Servicing agents are regularly adding hazard & flood insurance when the homeowner already and existing policy in place. There is a host of garbage/excessive/fabricated fees being added to loans. Homeowner needs to pay or lose the house. Yes, it's extortion, but how many homeowners can afford an attorney to get it to court?? Even then the judges are ruling against the homeowner rather than have a negative ruling affect the judges retirement or stock investment account.

  5. I Wish there were more people my age (just turned 16) interested in the world's economies and what the monetary systems are and how they are used to push forward political policies and ideologies. I'm about to start my first year of economics A-level in September and have to go to another school to study as so few people are interested in the subject- I live in a big city too. We are the ones that have the opportunity and power to change how our future for us and our grandkids will be, but I guess people prefer in the bliss of ignorance.

  6. Where are all the big mouths that come to these videos and rip Mike on the points he makes and say everything is fine. Are they watching the currency war today? Are they watching every country on earth practically devaluing their currencies? Speak up oh wise ones.

  7. I hope people in new york city and manhatten  new jersey,new york and many of the eastern states that made their money from the pyramid scheme the stock market lose their asses,their apartments,their million dollar parking lots.and of course their worthless scamming trader jobs.Bankers and brokers and especially hedge funds are the evil that needs to be destroyed from the face of the earth.This country needs a good god damn depression to wake the stupid sheeple of this country and maybe we can finally get a handle on this corrupt ass govt.

  8. Yes, but in the meantime retail gasoline and oil prices have not dropped to reflect the lower wholesale prices of crude oil. I wonder how much profit margins are at the retail level here in the USA? .65 cents a gallon? Most gas stations sell about 200K gallons of fuel a month. You do the math. Nice work if you can get it.