DIY Litecoin Mining Rig (Dogecoin, Worldcoin, Feathercoin)



GRAPHIC CARDS Radeon 7850: Radeon 7950: Radeon r9 290x: PCI-E RISER CABLES Powered and Non-Powered: …


  1. I never considered mining until this evening, and started checking into it.

    As I understand what I’m reading, one can no longer mine in this manner.
    That is, dedicated mining hardware is now required, as opposed to running
    the software on your computer.

    I’ve been crunching for BOINC for more than a decade and figured, why not
    try to make some money?

    Is this video even relevant today? Can one still use freeware and their PC
    to mine? I’m not seeing that from what I’ve read tonight.

    Oh, and have you done the math … to see whether you’re paying more to the
    power company than what you’re earning in bitcoin (or whatever)? Or is
    that the reason you jumped ship from bitcoin?

  2. So after I set up the milkcrate. Is it hooked to a just to a monitor
    standalone with a mouse and keyboard or is it hooked to a laptop to where I
    get the information? I get the big picture on building the crate but the
    little things of where does the mouse and the keyboard where does that go
    and the monitor where does that go?

  3. wait is there something im missing here? my nvidia gtx 660m card in my
    laptop is churning out 40 mega hash per second. is there something im
    missing out on here? im very confused right now. many people are talking
    about a few hundred kila hashes per second when my laptop with an nvidia
    card is already churning out 40 mega hashesper second. can someone please
    fill me in because im looking to build a rig with a few top of the range
    radeon cards but am getting confused with the hash rates. even with these
    asic rigs such as grid seed hardware. the performance of these seem a
    little disappointing from what you have to pay for them. or am i getting
    myself confused?

  4. He is like “So this card gives me around 350 kh/s now i have three of these
    i should be mining 1mh/s”. I have one Nvidia GeForce GTX 650 and im
    chugging along at 27 mh/s. Even at that rate i make a cent every three
    months at 24/7.

  5. can any one tell me if I can use a raspberry pie and a old computer gpu
    with a pcie pci express 1x to 16x to usb adapter

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