The Future Price of Bitcoin, a Projection, Based on Past Performance



After much thought and contemplation, I had to come back with another video about bitcoin. The last one I did, focused on the evil government’s involvement and the risks, therein. This one was supposed to be about the other side of the bitcoin, but I could not speak of the opportunities and future price, without reminding you that nothing is safe, as long as the dirty, rotten, stinking government has their filthy, parasitic hands all over things which the Constitution says are private!
You’re going to be quite surprised to see the projected price of bitcoin, based on the recent past. Yet, it’s just a projection and I am sure we won’t see it play out, straight and simple, as portrayed in this video
Enjoy the ride and keep saying to yourself, ‘It’s only a movie!’ We all hope things turn out the way I have forecast, but instead, we might all wind up in FEMA camps, guilty of the crime of being part of the subversive bitcoin hoodlum, drug dealing, money laundering mob, as we have been portrayed by the ‘Nazi Nightly News’

Today is August 22, 2014 and in the news, Manhattan gets its first bitcoin ATM!
This is surprising to me! NYC, the modern city has an ATM behind so many other towns in the USA and Canada? Is NYC falling behind?
I wrote the script for this video over a period of one week and had to finally settle on the August 17, 2014 date, so I could record it after 25 revisions of the text
There is so much to say about bitcoin and the government influences
I recorded it and the next day, the price of bitcoin fell to 5 and it ruined my video
The next day, it rose to 0 or so and I was cleared for takeoff by that change
Every day, I type in, ‘bitcoin’ into Google’s Advanced search engine and select 24 hours
I want to see what’s going on, every day
I just came from a web site that is predicting ,500 for September of 2014 and the URL is:
He has sound reasoning, behind this prediction and has set up a logarithmic scale to fairly state his case and it makes perfect sense to me, but I still doubt that price
I know that there will be a rally soon, because it’s long overdue and that’s why the press is howling at the moon, condemning bitcoin and those who use it; They are trying to lessen the damage done to their corrupt fiat world, but it’s hopeless! The world is changing and nobody can stop it! The cat, is truly out of the bag!


  1. Now, bitcoin's price is being manipulated, just as the price of silver, gold and LIBOR rates!  It's a rigged marketplace and something should be done about it!  I'm complaining!  What are YOU doing to end the tyranny?

  2. Here is a question I didn't ponder, before making this video.  What would stop the Chinese government from creating a new bitcoin and selling off 13 million of them at a price of nearly $400 each?  Who is going to stop them?  They create their own block chain and take $400 from any sucker who wants to buy bitcoins!

  3. They do have UROcoin for fertilizer(one coin for one tonne), and many others including Petrocoin.
    That's why its good it goes up and down in price so the short term hoarders drop, then new buyers can get some.

  4. I picked up a couple more btc at 347 each, but they're just for my hot wallet spending for the next few months. My short term outlook is rather negative. To change my negative outlooks I'll need to see a nice killer app or an ETF that connects people's brokerage accounts to bitcoin. Of course the ETF might not be an awesome thing because the elites will probably just short it down to a zero sum change.
    I'm also a fan of precious metals. If you buy only 1 ounce silver rounds and 1/10th oz gold eagles, the chances of being scammed with tungsten centered bars decreases dramatically. Some people like buying those big 100oz silver bars but I think that's just silly. If the time comes when you need to sell some of it, you have to find a buyer for the whole bar. I think it's a much better idea to just go with smaller sized rounds.

  5. Does money come out of bitcoin? Well the entire black market is driven by spending. I order all my takeaways with bitcoin now ( I order all my computer upgrades using bitcoin ( Will bitcoin be shut down by the government? So far  government haven't been able to shut down torrents, or TOR, or SilkRoad, or Wikileaks so I think that the government just can't, and besides even if they shut it down in one country somehow and it's still traded in another country, people's savings in the blockchain aren't going to go away, all people need to do is run a proxy server to redeam their bitcoins / buy more.

  6. After watching.  You keep saying 'unless they stop bitcoin'.  There is no way to stop bitcoin except a worldwide power outage.  Living a far off land (after growing up in the USA), whatever the USSA decides will not impact ฿singapore, ฿china, ฿japan, ฿colombia, ฿russia, etc.

  7. I hit the red door in 2000 (moved out of the USSA).  Hit it again in 2012 and am not selling any coins until they are well above $1300.00 again.  You are good at spouting and make a lot of sense.

  8. Bitcoin is dropping by the day now at $389, glad I don't take your too seriously may pay to stick to the teaching role. I do like your tomato idea which is pretty much a no brainer thou. Time will tell though I guess. 

  9. A body in motion tends to stay in motion, unless acted upon by an outside force!  Bitcoin has been increasing in value at the compounded daily rate of over one half of one percent, some 650% annually and anyone can use this to see what will happen, if government doesn't fuck it up!  Bitcoin has outperformed all other investments in the world, in the past 900 days and looks likely to outperform all business enterprises, except one.  Seed germination increases the value by some 10,000% per month and bitcoin can't hold a candle to seed germination.  If you have a tomato in the house, take out the seeds and plant them and start your fortune!