I Lived on Bitcoin for 24 Hours



Is it possible to spend one day using nothing but bitcoin? From where to eat, to how to get around, to where to shop, Jose Pagliery attempts to survive the day using just bitcoin.


  1. Not sure why this video got so many thumbs down, I think it was a pretty
    accurate representation of what it would be like to live on BitCoin. And
    I’m an avid BitCoin miner myself :D

  2. This is a crap hit piece. I live 100% on bitcoin by using a ShiftPayments
    debit card. It connects directly to my Coinbase account, and I can buy

    QR codes are not bitcoin, it’s just ONE OF MANY ways to pay. There is
    Bitpay’s NFC, debit card, and many other ways.

  3. Hah! It’s cool of CNN to give the bitcoin testing job to a retarded person
    but they really shouldn’t do that unless they want Bitcoin to seem retarded
    to the mindless drones who watch CNN. Oh wait a minute! That might be the
    point right there!

  4. I predict that their conclusion is….. Bitcoin and every alternative to
    the dollar is useless…. because we’re CNN, pro-money-printing yay. This
    IS a new means of transacting, and because the govt is against it, it is
    unlikely to be easy to use, duh. Maybe say that AFTER it gains widespread
    After watching the video, the conclusion that bitcoin bad was based on the
    guy’s inability to scan a QR code properly (because retardation, or
    purposeful idiocy), inability to fill an online form (ditto, it’s probably
    a one-time thing), inability to use the internet to buy flowers(ditto,
    seriously don’t you get their number from the internet to begin with?)

    and the fact that 20 bucks of bitcoin will get you 1 lunch+ 1 limo ride +
    flowers for wife+ drinks at the end of the day….. Seriously, Bitcoin
    seems far cheaper than cash….. seems to be too little for this guy, and
    he needed to purposely perform like a circus monkey for chump change at the
    end JUST to highlight how useless they want us to think Bitcoin is. I mean,
    CNN are basically circus monkeys paid to entertain, but I would not listen
    to one for money advice.

    I’m not even for Bitcoin, to me it’s got nothing backing it, yet CNN’s bias
    seems a biiiit too obvious.

  5. From this video, I think this may be the future. Although, it looked kindof
    hard for him to fill an application and scan, so I think they will have
    Bitcoin Cards, like Credit Cards, but there are no fee;s, not no $5 fee a
    month and shit like that. Also, There could be a downside. I don’t know,
    but if people can scan your bitcoin address, couldn’t they hack into it?
    Yes, I know they need a password. But what if that happens? You’d be
    SCREWED! Anyways, have a great day!

  6. The problem of disproportionately powerful and wealthy criminals coming to
    the *terrifying realization* that they can *no longer simply dismiss and
    ignore* Bitcoin is what this piece essentially howls in all directions. The
    elite’s response to the hideous and unexpectedly rapid (under 6 years)
    evolutionary development of decentralized digital currency comes in two
    sinister flavors:

    *1.* Co-opt Bitcoin. Desperately attempt to control it by positioning
    themselves close to the developers in an attempt to drive Bitcoin *itself*
    down the dark path of centralization. Given the way the core protocol of
    Bitcoin is designed to *resist* internal corruption (by rogue developers
    who’ve sold out to power, or, threats *by* power), this scenario is

    *2.* To carefully construct *incredibly dishonest* pieces like this one,
    essentially propagandizing people by *leveraging that fact that Bitcoin is
    still in its early stages* to disenfranchise them from using and supporting
    it. In short, a subtle campaign of deliberate defamation disguised as
    honest journalism, when in fact, nothing could *be* more distant from the

    The bottom line: *Bitcoin is, in every conceivable way, superior to
    debt-based currency*. And, given the incredibly rapid pace of innovation in
    the Bitcoin space, we have *every reason* to believe that the current,
    early (and understandably “clunky”) implementations/versions of the
    hardware used to transact Bitcoins *will improve and **far** exceed* the
    current “practicality” of rag-paper soon. It takes time, and support. So *get
    involved* by turning ON Bitcoin, and turning OFF CNN.

    *BTC: 1PADNHhze28JLnXkvhKa6PjMVzspAnwgkH*

  7. Not sure why this video got so many thumbs down, I think it was a pretty
    accurate representation of what it would be like to live on BitCoin. And
    I’m an avid BitCoin miner myself :D

  8. Ain’t that what always happens with early adopters? Repeat this experiment
    with a “friendly guide” or better yet, try it in London in, say April and
    see how much easier it is…

  9. i dont understand how coming this bitcoins, my english is to bad but people
    mining bitcoins how for what, which people giving this bitcoins, i watched
    big mining operation videos on youtube big big computers maybe 1 million
    costed for bitcoins calculating and calucating what ? :SSSSS

  10. I have a few thoughts on this. When I used e-mail in the early 90’s I
    thought it was a cool piece of technology, however, it was completely
    useless to me because nobody I knew was using it. Since I was using it
    within a unix environment the interface was clunky and slow. By 1999
    everyone I knew was using it and the interface was easy and web based. New
    technologies always come with rough edges and it takes time before its
    ready for the masses. With that said I think the bitcoin experience is
    much better online then it is in stores and I think this would have been a
    better story if the reporter had shown more of that.