LuckyBit – The Most Addictive Bitcoin Gambling Game


0 This infographic shows you the following information and will explain how Lucky Bit, the most exciting bitcoin gambling game, works!

– On-chain betting.
All bets are played on-chain. You don’t store any bitcoins in your account so there are no risks of getting hacked.

– Provably fair.
1. The key that LuckyBit uses to determine the “lucky moves” of a bet, and thus the winning amount, is changed every day;
2. The key of a given day is made public after midnight of the next day;
3. The respective hashes of all keys, past and future, have been published and prove that LuckyBit uses the correct key for each day;
4. Nobody can modify this file, as its hash is recorded in the blockchain as of 10th of September, 2013;
5. You can verify each bet in the bet browser, which is also accessible at the bottom of the main page.

– Bet browser to check/replay bets.
All bets can be viewed in our bet browser. You can also replay the bets on-screen or verify the bet.

– Bet lines.
Lucky bit has several coloured bet lines. We have blue, green, yellow, red and grey. Each betting line has different odds and multipliers which allow you to win up to x999 your bet. Our grey promoline runs for a limited time and will change into a different promoline after that. The promo lines are created by Lucky Bit users and had odds up to x3000.

– How to place a bet.
To play, simply send the desired amount to one of the LuckyBit game addresses! The addresses can be found next to the playing lines on the main page.

– Chat lotto.
After a bet plays, there is a small chance the lottery bot will wake up to award a prize in the chat room. When this happens, a person that was recently active in chat will be randomly selected to receive a gift! To claim a prize when you are called, you must post your address and the answer to the question within 60 seconds. The address you post must also have been used to wager at least 0.01฿ on Lucky Bit within the past 24 hours. Exceptions: moderators can post any address, and anybody can always use the tip jar address provided by the bot.

– Happy Hours.
During Happy Hours our chat lotto will go crazy. Instead of giving away a few mBTC’s it will give away up to 1.5 BTC!

– Over 1,1 million bets placed on Lucky Bit.

Visit and win up to x999 your initial bet!