Mt. Gox Bitcoin Exchange Files for Bankruptcy


The Mt. Gox bitcoin exchange in Tokyo filed for bankruptcy protection Friday and its chief executive said 850,000 bitcoins, worth several hundred million dollars, are unaccounted for. (Feb. 28)

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    This is the perfect situation for Seppuku.
    You come before the court ( before the Shogun if it were earlier)You explain that foolishness in your business dealings must be paid for by  other men.
    There would only be one way to restore honor on your name.
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  2. It probably was meant to or predicted by its designer to last much longer. Not until many more investors and trillions of virtual dollars at which point billions could be manipulated with ease.

  3. They ripped off my ID swear to God and they are a bunch of crooks. I also got ripped for over 600 dollars worth of bit coins. The price is what ever they say and jackers abound when you try and purchase it..BEWARE!!! Why do I have to buy it now? What happen to you mine it? Oh Oh and 3 people are sitting on 2/3rds of it in physical…Are they telling their investors that? Swear to God I speak truth!!! Don't be a victim like I was…

  4. Who ever said there's one born every minute was incredibly WRONG !!!
    There are literately thousands born every minute !!!

    I need a list of buyers so that I can sell some bridges. No shit, my family owns one over the East River and it's begging for some lucky investor to install tolls.

  5. This is one well thought operation to descredit Bit Coin…it's a huge menace to the mafia banking sistem and big fake money printers…they defied the sistem and now there is a huge spetial operation to smash this sistem destroying it's credebility.
    The well known tactic of fearmongering.
    I chalenge everybody with the means and knowlage dig as deep as you can on this and i'm sure you will all be surprised ,or not, from what you may find.

  6. If it;s virtual currency, can't they just, just enter the missing amount back into?

    I meant he american government does it with real currency all the time. Every time they reach their imaginary or virtual debt ceiling if you will. They just increase that imaginary or virtual amount to whatever they feel like

    I mean where did the $17 trillion in real currency go to? Debt ceiling is just imaginary numbers to make it look like rules are being followed and people are being responsible

    tl;dr bitcoins, need to be like american currency, a bottomless pit of imaginary numbers