How to Setup USB Asic Miner Blue Fury Bitcoin Miner 2.2~2.7 GH/S



This video will teach you have to setup a Blue Fury usb miner.

Download Link for Alpha drivers:


  1. Couple things about this video, he keeps saying windows is stupid for not knowing and it has nothing to do with that.  First it could not find the driver in windows update because it has never been registered as an updatable driver to be used with windows.  It is not windows fault the person making the driver never registered it and made it detectable by windows update.  Pretty sure there is a process to get this done and the driver maker just never wanted to hassle with it.  Second he said that windows is stupid because the driver is not a verified as a trusted installation.  Again has nothing to do with windows being stupid it actually is being smart here, it is testing to see if the software has a certified signature associated with a valid company, these are used to validate the installer was truly made by that company as they are the only ones that can create a software cert signature based on that company purchased certificate.  Here the developer never signed the installer so windows is just asking if you are sure you want to install a invalidated piece of software.   

    Other then that pretty instruction able, just needed to clarify that windows isn't stupid you just never explained correctly why windows issued those errors.

  2. I followed your steps, the driver was installed correctly, but bfgminer.exe disappers , i have bitfury asci usb 2Gh/s. When i logged url, user and password, Whats whrong? Please help me..
    This is my file bat: #MINE
    bfgminer.exe -S "BF1:all" -o stratum+tcp:// -u xxxxxxx -p xxxxxx -o your_bitcoin_address 
    anyway the bfgminer.exe is askinf for url
    searching for MiniMiner ONE devices
    Need to soecify at least one poll server
    When i put URL:
    username xxxxxx
    password xxxxxx
    The window disappears

  3. I need help setting up my usb miner. it runs at 5.2 GH/s but I cannot figure out how to get the right drivers installed on it. the drivers people keep showing me are this one and the block erupters neither works so I was wondering if anyone could assist me? It's from Poland so idk how to set it up.
    Help is much appreciated, thanks!
    I'll send 500,000 IFC to whomever is able to help me set this up hashing!

  4. I have tried removing the drivers and reinstalling, but no miner client seems to recognize my blue fury now I have two more that I just installed on a strip with other functioning block errupters and although they are recognized by windows and it says they are functioning properly. I am a newbie, but have had success so far, but I'm really hung up here. Anybody have a suggestion?

  5. Hi mate, great guide, well done, found it very useful, and now my redfury finally works! well almost, lol, in the three hash rate columns, it shows 2.36gh, 2.36gh, 1.00gh, and indeed I am only getting the 1G/h. Any ideas would be deeply appreciated! :)

  6. Mining Warehouse or anybody know what the different LED lightings mean? I've seen solid red, blinking red, and yellow; worried I might be getting a overheating warning with the blinking red.